Bass Guitar

RGT/LCM and the RockSchool bass 

syllabi are those I have found most useful. Some knowledge of what bass players are up to is very beneficial for guitarists and vici versa. I often swap instruments during a lesson whilst the pupil sticks to theirs in order to put the parts in a real context.

Slide Guitar

Classical Guitar

Rock Guitar

Your favourite tunes transcribed, solo's, sight reading, rock or classical grades, slide guitar, bass, GCSE - send in your top ten tunes irrespective of your ability to play  and use them as a means to learn to play properly.

An experienced tutor offering lessons in WC1. From beginners to advanced.

​Richie Burrell B.A.(hons) R.G.T. 

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Trinity College or Associated Board syllabi seem to be the most popular. I was awarded David Riley memorial prize for my grade 8 exam in 1991. So either nobody else entered that year or I must've had some clue what I was doing. You decide.

Music theory

Generally the most neglected aspect of learning how to play. There are now popular music theory books published by the London College of music which at least make it more palatable by relating to the type of music we generally play and hear. (Not like the old days I can tell you.) 

A small degree of music theory knowledge can go a long way to de mystifying the whole experience, aids the memorising of pieces and also provides a safety net for when things go wrong thus producing a more confident performer.

One of my favourite genres and the least structured learning wise. Pick a tune and a tuning and we'll work through it.

Play for pleasure, join a band or do a graded exam (or all three). I utilise the Rockschool (Trinity college accredited) and Registry of Guitar Tutors (London College of Music accredited) syllabi.



private music lessons

Brand new this year a recognised grade system for the ukulele. The syllabus provides the opportunity to get a proper understanding of musical concepts whilst recognising different approaches to use of the instrument.

​​​​​​​​Ukulele - RGT Exams