About Me


BA (hons) Music Performance

Member of the RGT

CRB checked

I have been teaching guitar for more than 25 years.

I have been performing throughout.

I'm familiar with just about all the genres, types of gigs and scenarios (some ridiculous) that one is likely to encounter whilst playing the guitar professionally or otherwise.

I have also made most of the mistakes possible and may therefore be able to help you avoid some of them.

I'm pleased to be able to say that nobody that I have ever recommended to enter an exam has failed to pass.

You've got to enjoy it.

Learning to play the guitar can be frustrating sometimes. Mainly due to the inevitable lag between understanding how to play a tune and being physically able to carry out the task.

It is for this reason that I ask for pupil's top ten favourite tunes.

It keeps your motivation high.

Another benefit of this approach is that you will intuitively know whether what you are playing sounds right or not. Something that is not always the case if you are studying a prescribed piece  for your betterment.

Even if you are an absolute beginner you will find that most tunes can be simplified to a considerable degree and remain recognisible.

The finer details tcan be added on later.


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